Thursday, February 12, 2009

3M coat hook for...Kids?

I don´t see such hilarious things like this very often, and when I see them, I don´t usually make a blog post about them but I just couldn´t contain my smart, willing fingers this time.
3M is a cool company. I really enjoy playing with their high-tech tapes and gummy stuff but I´m not sure if I would actually buy one of this, specially because they look like they are made for kids and I guess my inner kid wouldn´t dig it anyway.
I´m trying to decipher why a huge company like them would release such a controversial product on the market, but the more I try, the more confuse I get.
By the way, did you guys noticed that little message written on the top-right corner of their packages? What the F**** is that?
What a crazy world dude...

[Via Texyt]

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