Monday, February 9, 2009

Some people call it inspiration...

Well, I always spend almost 2 hours of my day researching about design and I see things like this happening very often, unfortunately.
I remember when the first flat packed dining kit was launched by Jason Amendolara at Worldwide Fred. It´s a very cool design, I really love it and it´s an original idea as far as I know.
By that time, It was published in almost every design related blog and website of the world.
Here´s a picture of it:

Some time later, a girl called Demelza Hill, who used to work with Tom Dixon, appeared with this design:

Again, a few months later, another guy called Ed Vince launched the most original dinning kit ever:

Now, I´ve just found another one, designed by Ian Jones. Here it is:

Does anyone care about originality?
Why someone would spent time and effort designing something that already exists?
Just a short advice to all designers : Do your job like it´s supposed to be done. Do a deep research before spreading your designs over the internet, claiming them to be the most original stuff ever. Or even better, do this research at the conceptual stage of the project, so you don´t even waste your time and money taking "your" idea to the prototype and production stages.
But if you know you´re just a copycat and can live with that...Shame on you.
If you can´t create, why don´t you just quit?

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  1. It is scaring me, unfortunatelly it is true, u better be carefull about sharing ideas with everyone...
    Here is one more link with good work and/but relating to the stuff above:

    ps; like ur blog!