Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kicker behaviorist design. Literally.

Here´s an ass kicker functional design guys.
I just think they could improve the materials a little bit.Maybe take off this raw wood, give it some color and add a more aesthetically pleasant look.
In my humble opinion, It would look much better if it really looked like a small bench, which would also add some extra function to it.
It would also look fantastic if it was embedded into the wall, near the entrance door of a house, so you could just kick of your shoes and keep your home clear of those damned germs and stuff.
It´s a lovely idea anyway, and it´s clearly inspired by people´s natural behavior.
I don´t know in fact who designed it and I couldn´t track them down, but if one of you know, please, drop me a note.

[Via Swiss Miss]

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