Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another classic "inspiration" case.

Do you guys remember that "Dining in 2015" design competition, organized by Design Boom, in 2008, right?
Well, one of the three ex quo winners, was the Din-Ink project, made by Andrea Cingoli, Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Cristian Cellini and Francesca Fontan, from Italy.
Here is a pick of the project:
While I was browsing some websites a few months ago, I found this very interesting design website called Book of Joe, where two guys from Ireland were really mad about Design Boom´s competition results. James Rennick and Simon Kingston, were claiming to be the original designers and creators of the bic cutlery concept, in 2006.
Looks pretty similar to me indeed.
Here it is:
I´ve just found out that another guy called Pierre Haulot, designed a very similar concept in 2007, in which you can take a look at Trends Now website.
Here it is:

Dear reader, you can take this investigation further if you wish, but for me is very clear that the Din-Ink project, which won the Design Boom´s contest, is very far from being an original design project.
I just can´t understand why a great website like Design Boom didn´t do nothing about this terrible injustice.
As far as I now, James Rennick and Simon Kingston, who seem to be the original designers, have contacted Design Boom´s team to claim for their copyrights, with absolutely no success.
Here are James Rennick words about this incident:

What year did you design the Bic Biro cutlery pictured on your Coroflot page?

"I did them over a year ago and they have been knocking around on the internet for about the same time. My portfolio has been linked to many blogs during that time. I find it very fishy since from the whole angle they have on their design when googled ( for example, during the research stage) one would quickly come across links to my portfolio with the "Miele Project" .I contacted Design Boom but nothing can really be done about this and my boss agreed also. I am pretty pissed but I shall get over it. A learning curve I guess."

It´s up to you to judge my friend, but this case is very clear to me. I guess no one really cares about originality.

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