Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another simple and great idea

Here is the econfont, dude.
It´s looks pretty weird in this big size, but in a regular 10 or 12px size, those small holes wouldn´t even appear anyway.
If you haven´t concluded it yet, it´s main goal is to save more ink by not printing this small holes. Pretty smart, ha?
According to their creators, it saves more than 20% of ink in a regular office environment if compared to the other conventional fonts.
For me, this solution is much better than using that terrible "economic" printing mode, which grays up the text and make it almost unreadable.
And the better : It´s free!! So why don´t you, dear eco-reader, go dowload it and start using it in your office? I did!

[Via Unpressable Buttons]

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